Friday, May 23, 2008

Senior Awards Assembly and other random vents

This morning is our Senior Awards Assembly. And I do mean this morning. The assembly will last for at least 3 hours. In the gym. On the bleachers. For 3 hours. My back is already complaining. As are my freshmen in my homeroom. They don't understand why they have to attend. I don't understand why they even came to school today. Oh, wait! The SOL field day is this afternoon after lunch. I'm sure parents said something to the effect of, "Either go to school for the whole day, or not at all." So all but two of my homeroom students are here.

Tradition kind of dictates that teachers and staff dress up for the Senior Awards. Then, we change clothes for the afternoon of Grease-like fun and frolic. The PTB evidently never tell staff and teachers to dress up, so about half the staff are in jeans, and the other half are dressed to the nines. New teachers are particularly shocked to see that maybe they should be in nicer clothes. Teachers who have been here for awhile take the "I'm not doing it unless I'm told" stance, and come in jeans just to be spiteful. I wore a dress because last year I was told by other teachers about the dichotomy of dress on this day. I figure it this way: Parents are at this assembly, it's for the graduating class, and they deserve a modicum of respect. So I wore a dress. Big deal. I'll change after lunch, before I go out to my duty of SOL field day.

Speaking of that....
I'm listed to be in two different places at the same time. Huh. I'm supposed to be at the front of the school for the 'Inflatable Basketball and Velcro Wall' station. I think that means there will be a huge neon-colored inflatable basketball goal that students will play basketball on, and I've been told the Velcro Wall is just that - a velcro wall where students put on a velcro suit, jump at the wall, and try to stick. Also, I've been assigned to an inside room supervising the playing of board games. So, here's my dilemma: Do I go outside and drive myself nuts trying to keep up with all the crazies throwing themselves and others on a velcro wall? Or do I go crazy with boredom in a room where no students will be? Board games? Are you serious?? I may wander between the two as I see fit.

I'm looking forward to 3:00

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