Friday, August 31, 2007

End of summer....whew!

And what a summer it's been! Here are the highlights (well, some of them not so high):
  • Outer Banks for a week in June
  • Williamsburg for a week in June
  • While at the beach and in Williamsburg, I am plagued with a toothache. The tooth is pulled the week after returning from Williamsburg.
  • Ken visits, and we find a dog to adopt
  • Make several visits to the ER
  • Dusty the dog comes to stay with us - with one good eye, three legs, and no cojones
  • Ken drives himself to the ER, where he's admitted for emergency gall bladder surgery
  • I drive to NC for Ken's surgery
  • Ken in the hospital for 5 days, then comes back with me to VA to start recuperation
  • Dave visits, then drives Ken back to NC
  • Mom back in ER several times
  • Ken comes back to VA
  • Mom in hospital for a total of one week
  • School starts
  • For the month of August, I'm juggling 4 Phoenix online classes
  • Drive to NC last weekend in August to take Dave to the airport - he's in Germany for 13 months
  • Ken drives back to NC for Dr. appt
Yeah, I think I'm ready for the end of summer!