Monday, June 02, 2008

Last Monday!

Today is the last Monday of the school year. It's also the last full day for students. I have one exam to give today - to 3 students, then I just futz around for the rest of the day. Depending upon how many students show up for non-exam classes, I may be able to get some end-of-the-year work done.

We have this folder of check-out stuff that needs to be accomplished before we can leave on Friday. Last year, I got anal about it, and had most of it done before the exam week. I was thinking, "Sweet! I'll be done and can get out of here early on the last day!" Yeah, not so much. Our head PTB has this thing about us working the full day for teacher work days. Last year, he made a big to-do about it, and came around checking on us through the afternoon. At one point, he walked into my packed up classroom, saw me sitting with my feet up on my desk reading a book, and gave me a thumbs up for sticking around like a good girl.

So, this year, I'm not touching my check-out packet until we go to 1:00 dismissals. That's tomorrow. Now, the way my luck goes, I'll run into some kind of huge snafu, and not be able to get finished on time. I have one meeting to schedule today, with the problem child on my caseload. She's pregnant (again!!!) and didn't accomplish her IEP goals for this year. She's on a special diploma, and therefore can't graduate. I have to get her in here to offer her options: 1) come back next year, and try to do better (not gonna happen - she's almost 19 and won't want to come back to school with a new baby and one that's a year old), or b) sign out of the program and be done with formal edumacation.

Her mom called last week, and asked if she couldn't make up her work during summer school. Her 'work' is community-based instruction, volunteering 3 days a week at the local animal shelter. She made it to about 1 session a week, on average, this year. Her ONLY IEP goal since February was to attend 80% of her volunteer sessions. We even provide the transportation. 3 days a week for 2-3 hours a day. That's all she had to do. She didn't do it. Now, if she couldn't do that - how's she gonna go for 3 weeks straight, 5 days a week, to make up her time. AND she's pregnant!!! Sheesh.... Our assistant ptb said "are you kidding me???"

I love my job....

On another note - Ken is meeting with our new tenant this afternoon, signing a lease, and moving her in. Then, he's heading up the road to his sister's house to spend the night before driving on to Madison tomorrow. He may actually be here for good by tomorrow night. Unbelievable...

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