Thursday, May 22, 2008

Channeling Kathryn Turner

I'm losing my voice, and I'm at that husky stage where I sound like Kathryn Turner, Demi Moore, Lauren Bacall - take your pick. Fun. So, no teaching for me today - my voice is getting softer by the minute. I found a great video about the arctic, made by the same people who did March of the Penguins, about the impact a warming climate and sea has on a polar bear and walrus family. Baby polar bears and baby walri - can't lose. Meanwhile, I'm eating Hall's like candy. I have an appointment at the Health Cottage this afternoon during my planning. (The Health Cottage is a great perk for our school system - a nurse practitioner on staff who can prescribe medication for students and staff - - for free!)

Got a few scores back, for those students who did not have the read-aloud option. So far, my students are doing well. Only one failure, and that student is eligible for expedited re-take next week. My head ptb made me fist bump with him in the hall. Creepy factor: 8.75.

I'm worried about my read-aloud kids, because they're the ones who have struggled all year. We're hoping for those scores sometime today. Getting those scores, and seeing many passing scores, will go a long way toward making me feel better!

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MB said...

OK - I realized it should be KATHLEEN Turner, not Kathryn. I was sick - that's my excuse...