Friday, December 19, 2008

On Santa hats and Hannukah garland

Today is the last day of school before the holiday break. Yesterday, during the morning announcements the head ptb proclaimed today as 'Santa Hat Day.' So there would be no confusion, the student video announcements did a little piece on what constitutes a santa hat and what didn't. Basically, they were making sure students understood that camo baseball caps did not qualify as santa hats.

Many people are wearing santa hats of various colors - those made in favorite NFL team colors and logos, some striped with elf ears, some just crazy colors. Some people are wearing antlers and colorful package bows on their heads. All in good fun, and no one is getting hurt.


We have several faculty members and students who do not celebrate Christmas. I'm sure there are more than I am aware of. However, as far as I can see, they are graciously letting the rest of us make fools of ourselves. One of our faculty is very open and visible in her Jewish faith. Everyone knows her beliefs. Everyone (I thought) respects her beliefs. Today, she is sporting a festive blue and silver Hannukah garland on her head. I think it is very fetching and appropriate, considering the time of year. I just found out that some mean-spirited grinchy-type person (faculty, evidently) complained to the ptb about her headgear. Now, if I ran the zoo, she would NEVER know that anyone said anything, and she would spend the rest of the day with her garland on her head. But I don't run the zoo, and she was told to take the garland off. She is upset - understandably so.

Wrong - so wrong.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

While I really like Christmas, I despise the week in school leading up to the holiday break. This year, our last day is Friday (19th) and no one - no student, no teacher, no administrator - wants to be here.

In Ecology class today (yes, I'm co-teaching a new science this year. Yea!) the students were playing the Dart game and the Fire game. I guess these games might be unique to Greene County - at least I hope so. They're kinda like Freeze Tag. In the Dart game, one student throws an imaginary dart at another student. The darted student is then dead (frozen) until another student takes pity and pulls the dart out. In the Fire game, one student sets another student 'on fire.' The flaming student must then wave his arms around like a crazy person (or one who is on fire) until someone puts him out. Yeah - makes for great focus and concentration in class. Oh - and you can protect yourself from fire and darts by holding your hand up to your throat and putting the other hand up to your eye (like form a circle around it.)

Don't ask me - I didn't make up these stupid rules.

Anyway, two students in Ecology class today were playing the Dart and Fire game. And. would. not. stop. So, I pulled them from class, took them to the office, and wrote them up.

While there, a HUGE fight broke out in the hallway. One of our principals got taken down by one of the fighting students.

I don't think my Dart and Fire playing boys will get first priority any more.

It's only Tuesday...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Got a sec?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do! At least I will - at 6:59:59 pm EST on 12/31/08. That's when a leap second will be added to 2008. So, instead of 86,400 seconds, 2008 will last 86,401. A beat of a butterfly's wing, a blink of an eye - more to love in 2008!

Imagine this conversation between a member of the International Consortium of Timekeepers (wonder what the job qualifications are? I have a Mickey Mouse watch - he looks especially cute at 6:30) and the significant other over dinner one night: "So, how was your day, honey?" "Oh, pretty good. Added a second to the year - changed time. No biggie."

OK - what are we going to do to celebrate?