Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Countdown to lift-off


We are done with SOL testing, except for those who need to take make-up tests or those who scored close enough (missed it by that much) to be allowed an expedited retake. Now, that would be good - if we knew the scores. No scores yet. No scores on the horizon. Great.

OK - so no more SOL review, and we're back on regular schedule today and tomorrow. I don't know what I'll teach, because we're all burnt out. I started showing the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind yesterday during one of my 2-hour sessions with a class that was through testing. It's an Earth Science movie - did you know that? Yep - halfway through the movie, I paused the action on a still shot of Devil's Tower. Me: "Can anyone tell me what that is?" Random students: "A volcanic neck!" Swish! Earth Science! It's all good... So, I guess we'll finish watching that in that class - and maybe start it in another? I dunno.

Added to that - Yearbooks were handed out in homerooms just now. Do I want to fight the yearbook battle today, or should I just allow about 15 minutes per class for oohing and aahing over the books. Again, I dunno. AND - a teacher just came to me, and asked if he could observe my class today! What? Today? Not a good idea. Y'see, the PTB have decreed we must all observe in another class 4 times each school year. My observations are done, but many teachers procrastinate, and don't get the observations done until there's almost nothing left to observe. I told him he could come in tomorrow - not that he'll see much, but I'll be teaching...something.

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