Sunday, July 22, 2007

Here's Dusty!

Dave was here this weekend, and took some pictures of our new family member:

I like the grass!


So sad..

They shaved my butt!!

Show dog pose

Wanna play?

Harro, again

My best side...see my grin?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's a dogs life

Finally went to the shelter and picked up Dusty this afternoon. He had his back right leg amputated at the hip last Thursday. At the same time, he was neutered. Talk about a double (triple?) whammy.

Brought him home, and he settled right in. He bonded with mom right away, and spent part of the afternoon on the floor by her feet. He gets around really well on three legs, and seems to have no problem getting up or down the steps on the deck. I think he'll be a wonderful little dog when he gets used to us and our ways.

Right now? He's curled up on a pillow (yes, I bought him a pillow - $2.99 bed pillow from Tar-jay) behind my chair in the den. I think he likes it here...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Bigger than a breadbox...

What has three legs, one good eye, fur, and a grin?

Give up?

If all goes the way we've planned - our new dog, Dusty.

Ken has been on the lookout for a dog for us for the last few weeks. Several possibilities presented, most notably one with the weirdest dog name ever - Athena. Anyway, for various reasons, none have worked out. (Athena was dognapped by the son of her owner. He didn't want her leaving the family, so he took her and stashed her with a friend - refused to tell his mom where she was!)

Today, while out and about, Ken and I stop at the Madison County Animal Shelter. Lots of hounds - beagles, pit bulls, and the like. Turn the corner, and there's a miniature long-haired dachshund. So cute! We go up front, and ask about her. Turns out, she's currently in heat and can't be spade for about a month. Also, she has a mammary gland tumor, and the director of the shelter doesn't feel good about her general health. Oh, well....

As we talk with the director, telling her about the type of dog we want, and the dogs we've had (Lady and Missy, in particular) she gets this look like "should I?" Turns out, she has a dog in the back - not out where anyone can adopt the dog. The dog has been on doggy death row for several weeks, and she can't bring herself to put the dog down. She says, "There's just something about this dog." She tells us the dog has several issues: First, he's obviously been hit by a car at some point - on the right side. As a result, he is (ready for this?) blind in his right eye. He also, because of the same incident, has no use of his right hind leg. He came in to the shelter as a stray, yet he had on a collar with a name tag - Dusty. Would we like to take a look at him? We ask what breed, and she tells us he's a Jack Russell. Now, typically these dogs are yappy and hyper, so we are a little skeptical, but we agree to meet Dusty.

He had us at 'Harro' (That's doggy for 'hello' - think Scooby-Doo language). She takes him out of the pen, the dog looks at us (out of his good eye - head cocked to the side) and grins! He weighs about 25 pounds (soon to weigh a little less - more about that in a minute), and he is a cute little Jack Russell. He comes up to us, tail wagging, and immediately bonds with both of us. Sweet, calm, loving little dog. Wants to be a lap dog. The director of the shelter just can't euthanize him - even though the vet in charge has been after her to do so for several weeks. She is so eager to find this dog a good home, she's willing to comp the neutering. As she puts it, it costs the same to neuter the dog as to put him down.

His back right leg is completely useless, he has no feeling in it at all. The shelter director told us he would be better off without the leg - in fact would get around better without it. So she recommends, if we adopt the dog, we have the leg amputated at the same time he's neutered. Yikes! We tell her we'll talk to mom, and let her know.

Ken and I want this dog.

On the way home, Ken says "I guess we'll wait and talk to your mom about the dog when her friends leave?" (Bridge day at the house) I think a minute, and say "No - they'll be on our side!"
When we walk into the living room, the question comes up "Whatcha been doing?" Ken and I stand on one leg, and cover up our right eyes and ask "Would you love us less if we lost a leg and an eye?" Then we tell mom and her friends about Dusty. Sure enough, the ladies are all for us adopting and rescuing the dog. Mom tells us she trusts our judgement (ohhh...there's a dangerous precedent!) So, I call the animal shelter and tell the director we'll take the dog. End result? Dusty has surgery next Thursday - losing his manhood and his right hind leg at the same time. He'll probably be home with us on Friday.

Might as well continue the tradition of ministering to the lame, the halt, and the blind.....

Sunday, July 01, 2007

God must be ROFL

Dad and Wes are telling tall tales once again!