Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hair apparent

I haven't had a haircut in about a year (unless you count me trimming some off the back a few months ago.) Don't really know why - my hair used to be uber-short, and I decided to grow it out. As my hair grew, I realized that my hair had become very curly - I guess the gray hair has a much different texture than my original brown. In any case, my hair is getting really long, and I don't know what to do with it anymore. My main hairstyle these days is the classic 'pull the hair back and wind it around a few times until it looks kinda like a bun.' Cute. I don't want to take the time to style it - dry and then re-curl. Doesn't make sense, most days. Anyway, here's what it looks like if I just let it dry naturally:

Here's what it looks like in the back:

Not attractive. So - I'm getting a hair cut, in about 10 minutes.

(Insert Jeopardy Music here...)

OK, I'm back. And here's the result:

It doesn't look too different in the front, but you can see from the back picture that I lost about 3 inches in length. This is just air-dried, no styling to speak of, other than finger combing.

So, I guess I'm out of the 'grow my hair to my ass' phase.