Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You're not as think as you tall you are...

I have a new student in my homeroom. He's 16, and very tall. He's hard to miss. For some reason, even though he is a 10th grader, he is placed in a 9th grade homeroom. Now, while he is tall, he thinks he is even taller. From the first day in class, he's been proclaiming his height as 6'8". He's a bit obnoxious about it. I have a little experience with tall people (Hi, Kevin!), so I'm thinking he's more like 6'3" or 4".

The other day, while on hall duty (and we're STILL not letting those students distract us), Suzanne spotted him going in to my room. Suzanne is 5'10", and also a pretty good judge of height (being on the lookout for a tall man, and all). Anyway, I told her his height fantasy. At that point, the bell rang, and we scurried off to our respective rooms.

Not 2 minutes later, Suzanne walks in to my room, toting a yard stick! Without a word, she marks off 6 feet on my wall with her pencil, and beckons tall boy. He stands against the wall, and Suzanne marks his height on the wall. Mind you, she's not yet spoken. Finishes marking the wall, indicates for gigantor to sit down, and measures from the 6' mark on the wall to the mark she just made. Turns to the class, announces "6 feet, 3 and 3/4 inches",and walks out.

Is this best teaching practices? Have I mentioned that Suzanne may be my favorite person - - ever?

BTW - Andre (an in 'the giant') informed everyone that her ruler was wrong. He is still insisting his height is 6'8". As mom would say, "Whatever blows your skirt up!

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