Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No school tomorrow! We have (so far) about 1/2 inch of powdery snow here in Madison. I think there is a bit more over in Greene, since they closed schools already.

We have two 'banked' days, so we don't have to make up the day. My IEP meeting from hell was scheduled for tomorrow, so I don't have to face that. Yeah, it will have to be rescheduled, but that just gives me a bit more time to be ready for it.

Today, Suzanne decided that we had offended the snow fairies last week by doing our snow dances (plus cartwheels) in the hallway in anticipation of a storm. We were hoping to go home early last Thursday, and not have to stay for Parent Conferences that evening. As it happened, the snow went to the south and east of us, and we got nothin'. Suzanne's theory today was that we had to sneak up on the snow fairies - use reverse snow fairy psychology - and make them think we WANTED to come to school tomorrow. So, in true Suzanne fashion, every time I saw her in the hall between classes she was singing some sort of warm weather, sunshine song. She finished up the day with a heartfelt version of "Tomorrow" from Annie. Very funny. And entertaining. AND.....it worked.

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