Monday, February 19, 2007


I'm spending 4th period in Pi. Pi stands for 'Positive Intervention', and is a place in the school where students who are having issues can spend any where from 45 minutes to the entire day. It's designed to keep kids in the special education program out of ISS (In-School Suspension). As such, Pi is staffed by an assistant and a Sped teacher all day. I don't have regular Pi duty, unless the assistant is out for some reason. She is out today. Now, she schedules the students who are to be in Pi all day (discipline issues), and she knew she was going to be out today. As a result, no students are scheduled. However, teachers can send students to Pi throughout the day for short stretches - to take a test, to calm down, or just to get a problematic student out of the classroom. So, here I sit. So far, I've had one guy come in to take a test he missed last week. Otherwise, I've been just hanging out, wasting time.

I brought my flash drive, thinking I could work on some presentations for later this week. Evidently, Pi people don't need newer computers - there's no USB port on this one for my drive. So much for good intentions. I've checked and answered my emails, I've checked on my online class, and now I'm waiting for the bell, and lunch.

Oh, and the room number? 3.14


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