Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weight Watchers

I went back to Weight Watchers last week. I put off doing so, mainly because the nearest meeting is in C'ville, and I really didn't want to drive that far once a week to go to a meeting. After the holiday weight gain of 5 pounds though, I really needed to do something.

So, I started watching what I ate again this week - counting my points, and eating healthy foods. It's amazing how much better I feel when I eat right. I sleep better, have more energy, blah, blah, blah. I know this, but I loves me some pizza and fried chicken!

I was talking with some of the other teachers on Wednesday (after our long snow-weekend), and one of the teachers I collaborate with overheard our conversation. He came up, and asked if he could go with me to the meetings. Now, Tom is a big, mafia-looking guy. Probably weighs in at around 300 pounds. He teaches Earth Science with me, after (as he says) 'years in the nuclear industry.' He's a man who knows something about everything, and doesn't mind telling you what he knows. I take everything he says with just a pinch of salt. Anyway, he's disgusted with himself, and how much weight he's gained in the last few years. We make plans to meet on Saturday morning to go weigh in.

Now, the good thing about all this is - I don't have to drive all the way in to Cville every week. We're going to take turns driving to the meetings. Also, I guess it's good to have an 'accountability buddy' when you're trying to lose weight - although I've never gone on a diet with a guy as my 'buddy.'

Anyway, when we weigh in today, I've lost 6.4 pounds! In one week! Amazing. I know it's my body's reaction to my eating the right things after months of cramming junk in my mouth, but it's nice to lose those 5 gained pounds right from the jump. Now, I just have to set my sights lower, because I know I won't see that kind of loss next week (or any other week, for that matter.)

Tom weighs in for the first time, and finds that he, indeed, weighs almost 300 pounds. He's not happy, but is determined to try the program and get the weight off. We've entered a kind of competition: percent of body weight lost. I know (because he's a guy - no fair) he'll lose weight much more quickly than I will. He's also talking to other people at school, trying to get them to join us for our Saturday WW outings. I figure it this way: A group of us will meet every Saturday to weigh in, go to the 1/2 hour meeting, then go to IHOP for pancakes. It's a plan.

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