Friday, January 19, 2007


Even though I only had to teach for 3 days (MLK holiday on Monday, and teacher workday today), this has seemed like an incredibly long week. We gave Science Department 9-week tests on Wednesday, and I had to read the same test aloud 4 times during the day.
50 questions.
Multiple choice.
4 times.

Not fun. By the end of the day, I was not reading, but citing from memory. After reading a test aloud that many times, it becomes hard not to put inflection on the correct answer. Add to the fact that we reviewed for this test last Friday and on Tuesday of this week - I knew the material backwards and forwards. (I guess that's a good thing, since I teach the course.) Did my students know the material? Well, better this 9 weeks than the first. Only 2 students in my classes passed the first 9-week test. Not good. This time, all but 5 students passed. Much better.

We had a collaboration workshop (the 3rd in a series this year) last night at school. These sessions last from 3:45 to 6:15, and have been less than popular. So much so that administration cooks for us and serves dinner. Last night, we got spaghetti with meatballs, salad from a bag, rolls, and brownies. It was free, so I ate it. (Maybe not a good philosophy, overall)

Anyway - these sessions are to 'help' those of us who co-teach (regular education teacher with a special education teacher in a content-area class) be more effective as collaborators. Mostly, they turn into gripe sessions about what's not working, and how nothing anyone can say or do will fix it. Teachers make the worst students.

One of the biology teachers collaborates with the head of the Sped department. She can't stand working with her, and has no qualms about making her feelings known. Last night, Kim (head of Sped) was not able to be at the workshop. The biology teacher made several comments in the workshop about the lack of content knowledge Kim has, and how the students don't trust her teaching. Very unprofessional. One of the English teachers at my table wrote a very funny haiku about the comments. How does this affect me? I don't want it to, but somehow I think it will. During the workshop, I took a personal moment to use the bathroom. While in the stall, the biology teacher came in, took the stall next to mine, and proceeded to air all her grievances about Kim to me. (Excuse me - peeing, here!) She ended with, 'So, if you want to move to biology next year, and collaborate with me, that would be great.' Yeah, right. I want to work with a person who will trash me when I'm not around to anyone who will listen.

I live for these moments...

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