Thursday, January 25, 2007

Had a bad day...

I didn't write about this a few weeks ago, mainly because it seemed like just a blip on the screen - no huge deal. A former student at the high school (he was, in fact in my ES class for a few weeks) evidently had an obsession with his ex-girlfriend, and had threatened to bring a gun to school because she broke up with him. He was being 'home schooled' because mom was blaming the school system for all his issues. I never had any problems with him, in fact thought he was a nice kid. He was only in my class for (maybe) three weeks before mom pulled him out. Anyway, we were all informed about the threat, and told to keep an eye out for the student. His ex-girlfriend is a student in one of my other classes, and she was out of school for several days during this incident. We were informed that he was in custody by the end of the day. He was not in custody for very long.

This morning, we found out that this same student evidently abducted his ex-girlfriend yesterday in a stolen car. The girl was reported missing around noon, and police were on the look out for both her and the car. Around 6:00 last night, a deputy and another officer stopped the car, and attempted to get the girl away from her ex-boyfriend. As the officer went toward the car, the boy started accelerating toward him - running him down. The officer shot at the car, killing the boy. The ex-girlfriend was still in the car, and suffered minor injuries from the ensuing wreck. Both she and the officer were treated for their injuries at the hospital and released.

Obviously, the entire school was buzzing with rumors and wild scenarios all day. The police aren't releasing much information at this time, so no one is entirely sure what happened. All we know is that there was a young life wasted, and another profoundly affected by the events of last night.

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