Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Day!

Our first snow this winter.

Mom and I went to church as usual this morning. The weather forecast was calling for snow, beginning after noon. We figured we wouldn't have any problems going to church, and then to lunch at Blue Ridge after. When we stepped out of the the church doors at noon, it was snowing like crazy, with about an inch already on the ground. It was a soft, powdery, beautiful snow. No ice, no sleet, no freezing rain. Easy to drive on. So, we decided we could go ahead to Blue Ridge, since we wouldn't have a chance to get out of the house later in the afternoon.

Driving Madison Road to Rte. 29 was not a problem. I can drive on snow - just don't make me drive on ice. 29 looked about the same as 230, so we took a right to go towards Ruckersville, instead of a left to go home. No problems - mom's car has great tires, and the road was not slippery at all.

As we start down the hill toward the county line between Madison and Greene counties, we look to the left at traffic heading north on 29. It's at a dead stop. Why? Because EVERYONE is having trouble getting up that hill! Trucks are sideways, men are out pushing cars, it's a mess. Uh, oh. That's the way we need to go home. What to do? What to do? Obviously, we're not going on to eat lunch. We need to get home. Without getting on 29 North.

Mom directs me to take the next right - her rationale being that it won't be as bad on back roads, because no one has driven on them and packed down the snow. Ok, I'm buying it. We end up making a big circle - going back toward Stanardsville, and then back onto Rte. 230 (Madison Road). The road isn't any worse than it was the first time we drove it, almost an hour earlier. Of course, now the snow is coming down really hard, and I'm not driving over 35 MPH. We make it home without incident, although now we're hungry.

Safe and warm, I make lasagna and salads for our lunch. Now, all I have to do is watch it snow out on the deck, and wait for word that school is cancelled for Monday.

One of the little girls at church this morning told Tommy she wanted to make a snow angel today. I think she's going to get her wish.

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