Friday, March 16, 2007

You just never know...

what's gonna happen.

Couple of random things: 7th period today, I left class to head toward the restroom. I heard faint sounds of music out in the hall, but didn't think much about it. When I opened the bathroom door, I see a student in the bathroom - practicing her violin. I guess the acoustics are good in there. So, I had a 'pee serenade.' Pretty classy.

Girl walking down the hall, wearing a T-shirt that says "Stop imagining me naked" Also pretty classy. I stopped her, and let her know that the shirt was not appropriate for school. She looked at me like I'd lost my mind. Maybe because this was at the end of the day, and no one else (evidently) called her on the shirt all day.

Yesterday, the weather was absolutely beautiful. Mid-70's, sunny. Spring, right? By the time I got home last night, the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees. This morning, it was raining and in the upper 30's. Rained all day, and started snowing around 2:30. Right now, we have about an inch of snow out on the deck, and the driveway is covered. Strange weather.

I have a student in my homeroom who drives me nuts. He's a nice kid, but very annoying. Ray doesn't have an 'off' switch. Everything he does, he does for attention. He's also in one of my collaborative classes. I see Ray as much as I see any student I teach. Have I mentioned - he drives me nuts.

The other day, Ray started talking about the show 'Southpark'. Now, despite the political incorrectness of the show, I am a fan. I think it's funny. Comedy Central ran a marathon of the series a couple weekends ago, and the students in my homeroom were talking about the episodes seen.
In one, Al Gore makes a guest appearance, warning everyone about the dangers of 'Man-Bear-Pig'. Of course, no one believes him that Man-Bear-Pig is real, so he goes to great lengths to convince the boys of Southpark that the threat is real. As Al says "I'm so serial". At the end of the show, Al goes off in a huff, saying he's just going to go make a movie about Man-Bear-Pig.

Ok, I guess you had to see it to think this makes any sense.

ANYWAY...Ray decided he and I would bond over our belief in Man-Bear-Pig. For the past week, Ray has been driving me nuts (yes, I'm so serial) with Man-Bear-Pig references. Mostly, he's just been saying the name whenever he thinks I can hear him, and giggling hysterically. Yesterday, in the middle of class, I glance over at Ray (who's been watching and waiting for me to look his way), and he holds up his hand where he's spent much time crafting paper 'claws' on his fingers. Today, when I went in my class for 8th period, there was a message on my board: "Man-Bear-Pig was here. GRRRR"
I'm hoping he will get another obsession before Monday, or I may have to hurt him.

This morning, on the school TV news channel, the three administrators of our school had their hair dyed. One purple, one red, and one orange. They did this because the school met a fundraising goal. So they walked around all day with Easter egg hair, and no one took them seriously. Good job.

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