Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh, to be young again...

TC and Dave came up for a visit this weekend, and they decided to go for a little hike on Saturday afternoon. A few miles outside of Madison, there is a mountain called "Old Rag." This mountain is unique, in that it is a granite outcrop - billions of years old. Very cool. (Yeh - there goes the Earth Science nerd again) Anyway, Dave and TC left around 11:00 to go to Old Rag, and hike to the summit and back. About a 9-mile hike. And 'rock scramble', as the website described it.

They didn't get back until just before dark - making me a little nervous. They had a great time, and Dave took many, many pictures of the trail and the rocks. I don't know if TC was sure what he was getting in to, but he gamely went along for the hike and scramble. He was a good sport - even paying for the entrance to the park - on his birthday weekend, no less!

It was a good weekend, and it was really good to spend some time with them.

After they left this afternoon, I went to the high school for the Spring musical - Oz. Several students in my classes were in the play, including the girl who played Dorothy. It was very good, and I was impressed with the talent level of the students.

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