Monday, March 12, 2007


Back at school. So far today, I've had about 5 things dumped on me. This week is going to be so busy! I guess I'm paying for 3 days away, last week.

We have about 10 teaching days left before the 3rd 9-week test. In that time, I have to teach my students all about glaciers, and the geological history of the Earth. In 10 days. The history of the Earth. Yeah. Rotsa ruck with that.

I came back from the conference with all kinds of ideas, and new technology promos. My principal has been running from me all day. Seriously. Every time he sees me, he turns the other way. He knows I'm going to hit him up for some budget money. Normally, I wouldn't mind if he left me alone (he's kinda annoying), but now he's just being rude! That's OK - I got friendly with our tech specialist for the county at the conference, and she's already said she'll go to bat for the HS to get some new stuff next year.

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