Friday, January 09, 2009

Wii Adventures

I ordered myself a Wii and Wii-Fit after Christmas. I figured, why not? After all the gaming systems I've bought for my children over the years, I'm allowed to have one.

It arrived via UPS on Tuesday, and it was like Christmas (when I was like, 12) all over again. I set the puppy up, and started to play around with it. Very fun. Very cool. Pretty good workout (especially the boxing). I set up the Wii Fit board, and jumped through all the hoops to get a fitness profile. (yeah, about first calculated Wii-Fit age is 80!) Evidently, my balance is crap. In any case, I plowed on.

The next night, I played a little tennis, bowled, played baseball, and boxed. Then, I skied and hula-hooped. Good times. Just for giggles, I did the fitness test again. This time, (since I knew what I was doing - a little bit, anyway) my fitness age dropped to 59. Better. Now, this little jewel does all this, and weighs you, too! OK, fine. Only the thing tells me I've gained 2.9 pounds since the day before. What??!! I look down, and see Shelly (the dog) standing beside me with one of her front paws on the Wii-Fit board! And she's grinning....I swear it.

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