Friday, December 19, 2008

On Santa hats and Hannukah garland

Today is the last day of school before the holiday break. Yesterday, during the morning announcements the head ptb proclaimed today as 'Santa Hat Day.' So there would be no confusion, the student video announcements did a little piece on what constitutes a santa hat and what didn't. Basically, they were making sure students understood that camo baseball caps did not qualify as santa hats.

Many people are wearing santa hats of various colors - those made in favorite NFL team colors and logos, some striped with elf ears, some just crazy colors. Some people are wearing antlers and colorful package bows on their heads. All in good fun, and no one is getting hurt.


We have several faculty members and students who do not celebrate Christmas. I'm sure there are more than I am aware of. However, as far as I can see, they are graciously letting the rest of us make fools of ourselves. One of our faculty is very open and visible in her Jewish faith. Everyone knows her beliefs. Everyone (I thought) respects her beliefs. Today, she is sporting a festive blue and silver Hannukah garland on her head. I think it is very fetching and appropriate, considering the time of year. I just found out that some mean-spirited grinchy-type person (faculty, evidently) complained to the ptb about her headgear. Now, if I ran the zoo, she would NEVER know that anyone said anything, and she would spend the rest of the day with her garland on her head. But I don't run the zoo, and she was told to take the garland off. She is upset - understandably so.

Wrong - so wrong.


Karen said...

Hey --

Good to see you back. I've missed you and your ptb.

Dart and Fire? Hannukah garlands? We both live in Virginia, but I'm not sure we're in the same country.


Maribeth said...

Yes - well, we also have the "moose" game here in GC. Evidently, if someone yells "MOOSE" at you, you have to get down on all fours and make moose sounds until someone shoots you. I'm not real sure what sounds a moose might make, but I don't think many other people know either, so I guess I could just make random sounds.

There are days when I wish someone would yell "MOOSE" at me...