Thursday, January 15, 2009

I. am. sick.

Whooo boy, am I sick. I started feeling poorly last Saturday, but thought maybe it was my allergies acting up, or just a sinus thing. By Sunday, I knew I was sick. Again. Sheesh.

This week is our 9-Week testing, so there's no way I can be out. I have to review with all my darlings, and make sure they complete the study guides I put together for them. When I was sick last weekend. Our test (Science) is finally today. We are the last department to test, every time. I don't know why the calendar is set up that way, it just is. They didn't ask for my input.

Did I mention I was sick? Yeah, pretty sick. I've spent the last 3 nights 'sleeping' in the recliner in the den. If I lay down flat, I cough like crazy and get all stopped up. Even in the recliner, I cough like crazy - but at least I don't keep Ken awake. My ribs hurt.

So, I'm in school all week, trying make the best of it and get my students ready for the test. Today, test day, I have to read a 50-item test aloud in 5 classes. While I cough. So far (it's 1:00), I've had 4 bottles of water. So, now when I cough I have to pee. Great. I've gone through half a bag of Hall's lozenges, and my stomach hurts.

People are so kind when you are sick, aren't they? This morning, one of the teachers on the hall told me the sparkle in my eyes was missing. (?) Another teacher asked me how I was feeling, and I said "I feel about as bad as I look." She said, "You look normal, to me." I need to mention here that I did little to make myself presentable this morning. My hair is pulled into a knot at the back of my head, my eyes are at half-mast due to lack of sleep, I think I put on mascara, and I'm fairly certain I brushed my teeth. Telling me I look 'normal' today is not a compliment. Of course, everyone who talks to me does so bending backwards from the waist, leaning away from me, as I cough into my elbow. I think I could kill someone if I managed to get him/her in a headlock. The germs on my sleeves are killer. I am typhoid teacher.

I need to take tomorrow off, and try to get better. Here's the problem: We have a 3-day weekend coming up (thank you, Martin), so the usual suspects put in weeks ago to have tomorrow off. I'm sure there are no subs available. I'm also sure I would get the administrative stink-eye if I told them I needed to be out tomorrow. This is what Suzanne says I should do - wait until late tonight or early tomorrow morning, leave a message on the voice mail, then take my phone off the hook. It's a thought... except that involves either staying up late tonight, or getting up early tomorrow. I'm sick. I don't want to be bothered.

This is what I think I will do. 1) Read my 9-Week test one more time to my 9th period class. 2) Leave school as soon as I can without getting run over by a school bus. (Oh, shit - I forgot! I have a department meeting after school today. Scratch #2) 3) Take 2 Advil PM when I get home after my department meeting, and lay down on my bed with my dog. 4) Come to school tomorrow, and show a video to introduce the unit for next week.

That's good teaching, y'all.


Karen said...

When they give you the stink-eye, cough at them. Again. And again. Wipe your nose on your sleeve and then drape your arm around their shoulders. Don't pull your hair back and don't put on any mascara. Look dazed when possible. You won't have to ask to take the day off--they'll be too scared to have you around.

Seriously--I'm sorry you feel so bad. I hope the long week-end gives you a chance to rest a little.

Have you been to the doctor? It sounds like you might have bronchitis, and that won't go away without antibiotics.

MB said...

After my 9th period, I have 2 students who did not finish the test today. So, I have to be in school tomorrow to finish administering that test. I have an assistant, but she doesn't like to read tests aloud because she isn't sure of the 'big words.' Seriously?

We have Monday off, and Tuesday is a professional day. Here's my plan: If I still feel like crap on Tuesday morning, I'll call in and go to the doctor. Our work day is filling up with useless meetings and garbage anyway.