Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Well-filled Basket...

About every month or so this school year, our wing (the 'new' wing) had a pot luck lunch. The custodian, I'll call him Haywood ('cuz that's his name), would organize it, and everyone would bring in something fattening to eat for lunch. Usually, the meal would center around a meat that Haywood brought or co-brought (that a word? works here...), like ham or chicken or BBQ. Nice idea, good food, good fellowship. If you are the type of person who hates to come up with something to bring, you could contribute $ toward the purchase of the meat. Ok - so we did this about 6 times this year. Our potlucks became somewhat famous, and more and more people started showing up to eat. Not bring food or contribute, but to eat. A good time was had by all - except Haywood.

Today was our end-of-the-year meal. Tons of food - good, good food. Tons of people eating. Tons of food left over. After the lunch, I was in my room with Suzanne. (next door neighbor) when Haywood came in to vent. He started out with, "I'm not gonna name names, but Mrs. _____ and Mr._______ always come in and eat and never once did they contribute a thing!" Then he went on to say that our meals were getting too big, and next year's were going to be by 'invitation only.' His main concern? The amount of effort and money put in to the dinner by a few for the enjoyment and gluttony of the many. For example: According to Haywood, one of our teaching assistants spent $34 on chicken for todays meal. $34.00???? OK, now I feel bad, because I just picked up a cake on my way home yesterday from the local Mennonite bakery. Suzanne confided that she spent $2 on a brownie mix.

After Haywood left, Suzanne and I agreed that we did not agree with him. We didn't tell him that, 'cause he scares us a little bit.

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