Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring Broken

Tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of our Spring Break. Not.

Since we had so many days out for bad weather this winter, we have to go to school tomorrow, as well as Easter Monday. No fair. I asked my 2nd period class on Thursday how many students were planning on being in school on Monday. One girl sort of hesitantly put up her hand. Other classes? Much the same result.

Administration told us we are to 'set the tone' for the day tomorrow. It is to be just like any other school day. Then, they go and schedule a (get this!) "Car Crash Demonstration" (??!!) first thing in the morning. This is in conjunction with a "Fair Weather Evacuation Drill" (??!!). So, the way I see it, right after homeroom, we practice evacuating our students (those who are there, and not at the beach) to the football field where we will be treated to a Greene County version of the Demolition Derby. THEN, we herd everyone back inside, where we are required to teach our classes as if nothing unusual just happened. Should be an interesting day...

Madison Moment:
Last week, I heard this story. I thought it was pretty funny.
A woman who lives on Main Street always flies the American flag from her porch. Evidently, her flag got a little ratty, so she replaced it with a new flag. A passing veteran noticed the new flag, and notified the local police that they needed to check on her. Evidently, she inadvertently hung the flag upside down, which is a distress signal.

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