Friday, April 20, 2007


I am a terrorist. I have infiltrated the Commonwealth of Virginia under false pretenses, and am attempting to establish residence for nefarious purposes. At least, that's what the local credit union seems to think.

I'm buying a new car. Note: I have not yet bought a new car, because the credit union won't close the loan. Why? Because I don't receive mail at my physical address, but to a post office box. The utilities are not in my name, nor is my name on any of those bills that would link the PO box to the physical street address. So, when we went to the credit union to sign the papers for the loan, they informed us they could not make the loan unless I had mail with the physical address on it. Which is not likely, since we have no mailbox on the street. We get mail at the post office. In the post office box.

I was also chastised for not yet obtaining a VA driver's license, which would have to show the physical address (according to the credit union, although mom's license has the PO box number). BUT.... they don't think I can get a VA license, because I don't have proof of my physical address!

Now, mom had a utility bill with her, with the POB #, stating the bill was for service at the physical address of the house. I had a paycheck, with the POB #. One would think you could connect the dots, but apparently not. Ok, so what do I do? I was told to go to the post office, and get a notarized statement from the postmaster, stating that the POB is linked to that physical address, and that I receive mail at the POB#. OK, I can do that.

No, I can't. When we get home, I call the Post Office, where the gentleman informs me they don't have a notary, and they never notarize anything. What he can give me is a copy of the POB application (which will have mom's name on it), along with a copy of my signature which added me to that POB, and a statement linking the POB# with the physical E-911 address. I agree to come by and get that in the morning.

I start looking through the mail I've received since I've been here, and find a letter from my health insurance company that has the physical address on it! THEN, I find the letter from the Commonwealth of Virginia that came with my VA teaching certificate that has BOTH addresses AND my full name AND my SSN! How's that for proof that I live where I say I live, and that I am who I say I am?

I'm excited now, so I call the credit union, and explain to them what I have. Nope, not good enough. I need the statement from the Post Office. I explain that the Post Office doesn't notarize, never has. The response is - that's ok, it doesn't have to be notarized. Unless I have the statement from the Post Office, they won't close the loan.

So, tomorrow morning I will drive my new car (yes, I have possession - already have a map and an ice-scraper in the glove compartment) to the PO, get the statement from there, and take my happy butt down to the credit union. I will have the other two letters, as well. Hopefully, with all this material, I will have jumped through enough hoops to keep the car.

Here's the funny part (if any of this can be called funny) - in order to get this loan, I had to open an account with the credit union. That's fine - that way they can draft my payment directly from the account. It also enables me to get a really good interest rate (IF they close the loan). So I set up the account, and deposit the minimum amount. So I asked the question: Will my statement be mailed to me? Answer: Yes, quarterly. Next question: What address will be on the statement? Answer: The POB #. Next question: Can you also put the physical address on the statement? Answer: No, only one line is available for the address. (!!!!!) So, the statement from the credit union that has to have proof of my physical address before they can close the loan that will generate quarterly statements, will only have the POB# as my address.

Does this make sense to you?

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