Saturday, November 04, 2006

Teaching a class online is supposed to be relaxing - I can do it whenever I have a few moments, I can do it in my PJs, I can do it while watching TV or listening to my Ipod - Right?
This month, I have a class from.....

Out of 8 students, I have three who are driving me crazy. They don't like that I grade their papers for grammar and spelling. They don't like that I expect them to work on their assignments like adults. They don't like that I'm not holding their hand through every discussion. One of them is talking about me in the Team folder as if I can't read everything she posts. Hello? I'm right here! I've already sent out a copy of the Student Code of Conduct to her, and given the Instructional Specialists at the university a head's up. She will definitely NOT be happy with her grade, and will try to file a grade grievance.

I've spent most of the day right here, in front of my computer, trying to explain to these 3 people how to act like Master's level students.

I've gotten nowhere.


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