Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hoo-vision redux

After my debut on Hoo-vision Friday night, I received quite a bit of flack at work Monday morning. Our SPED secretary (Joel) is a fanatic about UVA sports - all of them. I think he has season tickets to just about everything, including girl's basketball. His seats are directly across the arena from ours, and he saw me win my prize package at the game on Friday. On Monday, he accused me grabbing the guy in the stands and forcing myself on him to let me play the game. He gave me a hard time about winning a gift card instead of a TV. Funny stuff, Joel. Now, leave me alone.

So, we went back to the arena last night to watch the girls play Liberty. (they lost, btw) During the 2nd half, mom points up to the ginormous screen and says, "Isn't that the guy who works with you?" Sure enough, there's Joel - getting ready to play the same game I won on Friday! He wins! What does he win? A gift card.

Needless to say, I had great fun this morning when I got to work.

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