Friday, February 06, 2009

Grandma, why do you have that tattoo?

Had a conversation today at work about tattoos. I have a tattoo ----->

Pretty dull. But - I like it, and I'm seriously considering getting another one sometime.

One of the first year teachers on my hall (she's 23, newly married, and very funny) stopped by my room today to chat. Somehow, the subject of tattoos came up, and she showed me hers.

Here's the back story: She grew up in Richmond, went to school a VCU, is a Richmond girl through and through ( I feel a country song coming on...).

So, when she graduated high school, she got a tattoo on her back. A big one. On her lower back. VERY low. It says, with lots of scrolling and flourish:

"Good times remembered here"


After she showed it to her friends, and they all died laughed at what she tattooed over her butt, she went back and had the word "Richmond" added above the words.

But still....


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