Friday, February 29, 2008


None for today.

This is how I figure it - This day really doesn't exist. Every 4 years, February 29 shows up on our calendars, and we just accept the addition of one day to our year. No questions asked. From a science standpoint, I understand all the hype about the rotation of the Earth taking approximately 24 hours, and how every 4 years we have to 'reset' our calendar or chaos will result. That chaos being: If we don't reset our calendars every 4 years, we will be off by one day every 4 years. In 100 years, we'll be off by approximately 25 days. In 200 years, we'll be off by approximately 50 days. In 300 years, we might have snow in July. OK - I get it.

However, I choose to believe the day does not actually exist. We pluck it out of the ether, add it to a calendar, and act like nothing unusual happened. I think, since this is one day that only comes around once every 4 years, I can take the stance that anything happening today won't really matter in the light of eternity. Or at least not until this day in 2012.

That said - I already have several incidents I can forget about, because they didn't really happen, because they happened today.
  1. After homeroom, while on hall duty, I notice a group of students (who all happen to be in my 6th hour class), clumped around 2 other students (also mine), who are engaged in a shouting match. By the time I get down there, curses and threats are flying. The head ptb happens by, and gets between the 2 combatants. The other students are having a grand old time, encouraging the fight. I herd them in to their class (not mine - and the teacher is not yet there, even though the bell has rung) and try to get them settled. Finally, the teacher shows up, thanks me for 'covering', and asks what he missed. ???? This sets off the group again, as they try to re-create the fight for him. Lovely, this whole group will be coming to me in about 5 hours. (minus the two fighters - they're on lockdown for the rest of the day)
  2. Tried to take my 2nd hour class to the computer lab to take a test online. My plan was for them to take this test, then I had several review activities (also online) for them to work on/have a little fun with - end the week on a positive note. Yeah. Immediately, 2 of my lovelies decided to go to other websites and/or stick a flash music drive in the computer. I ended up taking the class back to my room to take the test on paper because they were too disruptive and were disturbing the other class in the lab. Grrr...
  3. Poor ol' Marjorie...She was the other teacher in the computer lab 2nd hour, working with her Computer Math class. While I was in there, Marjorie spotted one of her students with earphones on - connected to a hidden Ipod. Marjorie bent down and told the student to put the earphones away, that she knew the rules of the class, and to get back to work. Evidently, as soon as class was over, the student put out a distress call. During 3rd period, an irate parent barged in to Marjorie's classroom (yep, in the middle of a class), ready to whup up on her because Marjorie "embarrassed" her daughter in front of her friends. Luckily, another teacher happened to be in the classroom, and the head ptb was walking by. According to Marjorie, the woman had to be bodily removed from the room.

Water under the bridge, spilt milk, leap day. No use worrying about it....

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