Monday, February 25, 2008


Tommy told a story yesterday in church, about the pessimistic boy and the optimistic boy. Scientists placed the pessimistic boy in a room filled with every toy imaginable, and the optimistic boy in a room filled with a huge pile of horse manure. An hour later they checked on the boy in the room full of toys. He was in the corner, sucking his thumb. When asked what was wrong, he said, "There are too many toys. I might get hurt, or I might break them if I play with them!" The scientists checked on the other boy, and found him, the walls and the entire room covered in horse manure. They asked him what he was doing, and he replied, "With all this, there HAS to be a pony somewhere!"

I decided to make that my motto this week -at least. With all the sh&% that goes on day-to-day at school, there has to be a pony somewhere. I'm lookin' for the pony!

So - with that in mind (I also told Suzanne about my equine quest), here comes Dr. M, one of the ptb, who starts talking about the Donkey Basketball game scheduled for Friday night. Donkeys? Are they like ponies? Have I completed my quest already? But -- it's only 8:30 on Monday morning!!

He says they're looking for people to ride the donkeys. He also informed us that donkeys really don't like to be ridden. I'm going to avoid him for the rest of the week.

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