Thursday, May 24, 2007

S*** Out of L***

We finished with SOL testing yesterday - after 8 agonizing days. Eight days of crazy schedules, computer glitches, bored or missing students, and stressed teachers and administrators. Today, we actually have a normal schedule, but that won't last. Tomorrow is Senior awards ceremony, then the SOL field day/picnic for the rest of the day. I've been assigned to the 'Dance, Dance, Revolution' room for the afternoon. I guess I need to get my groove on and be prepared to boogie down.

We have 3 days of normal schedule left after today, then we start a final exam schedule for the rest of the year. Yeah - we haven't gotten any SOL scores back yet, so we have no idea who is eligible to be exempt from exams in SOL classes. The idea is, if they pass the SOL, they can exempt the exam. Students can also exempt with certain grades corresponding to certain #s of absences through the year. I guess I will review for the final exam next week, with no idea who (if anyone) will be taking it.

I did receive my summative evaluation the other day, and my contract for next year yesterday. So I am employed - and got a pretty good step increase in pay. There's talk that health insurance is going to increase quite a bit, so I can only hope that the increase will cover my health insurance. So it goes...

Five full days, and four half days to go!!!

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