Monday, May 07, 2007

I was not voted prom queen

'cause I chose not to run.

Last Saturday, I went to my first high school prom. A lot of people find that hard to believe (not because I was so gorgeous or datable in high school - but because everyone goes to prom, don't they?), but when I was in high school, you didn't go to the prom unless you were dating someone. I really didn't date much in high school - mostly went out with groups of friends. So, most of my friends didn't go to the prom. I don't remember it mattering much.

In any case, last Saturday I was a chaperone for the prom. The school is pretty small, so the prom was held in the school gym. Pretzels, chips, and punch for refreshments. DJ set up in the corner. Very dark room. Loud music. I think one of my jobs was to prevent conception on the dance floor, but I really couldn't see anything. I'm hoping no one else could, either. My other job was to check students in and out. Each student had to sign in when they arrived, and we had to check their names against the 'debt list'. Owe money? Can't get in to prom until you pay. Didn't turn in your freshman science book? Can't get in to prom until you bring the book back. (Yes, a girl actually walked in with her long-lost science book.) So, by 9:00 there was a pretty long line of students waiting to sign in. Then, the reverse at the end of the night. Not sure why students had to sign in and sign out - I guess in case someone didn't make it home, parents could call and find out what time little Jenny left the dance. (or, if she ever arrived!)

Lots of skin showing - so much so that undergarments were not possible in some cases. Lots of drama. Evidently, prom night is a prime time to break up with someone. One of my students arrived, and said she was waiting for her date. She sent a note by someone else to this guy the day before, telling him to meet her at the prom. He isn't even a student - graduated last year. Inevitably, he didn't show. Undaunted, she started down her contact list on her cell phone. No takers. I saw her later in the night, dancing with a group of other dateless prom-goers. Today, as she walked in to class, she informed me that she has a new boyfriend. Evidently, as she danced she caught the eye of a young man. She went up to him and asked, "Do you have a girlfriend?" When the guy replied, "No" she asked "Do you want one?" Ahhh....romance.....

Did I dance at the prom? You betcha. Just one dance - the Cha Cha Slide. Kelly and I almost went out on the dance floor again, to 'bring sexy back' but the principal was watching. Spoil sport.

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