Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Festivus for the Rest of Us

I have a very bad feeling that I will be an embarrassment to my grandchildren, one day.

I have waayy too many Christmas sweaters, jackets, vests, and socks. I happen to like them, but I admit to looking over my shoulder occasionally for the "What Not To Wear" camera crew.

For the past several years, I've worn festive attire during the month of December. I wasn't sure how my holiday collection would be received in a new school, but I broke out the glitter, anyway. Turns out there's another teacher on my hall with the same tradition of tacky dress - - we are the tacky twins! Today, I wore my bright green turtleneck (WITH the ornament applique on the collar), and my reindeer vest. The coordinating reindeer earrings were an excellent choice. Over the top? Never! Add the sparkle-y socks? Maybe a bit much...

Not sure how administration feels about my sartorial splendor. My principal walks by, pats me on the shoulder, says, "Nice sweater." I choose to hear sincerity in his voice.

Sing along with me - "Do you hear what I hear?"

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Lori said...

As, it seems, being slightly tacky, irreverent, and always entertaining is part of the Workman-Arnold gene pool, i say swim in that shallow end!!

Me, i don't go for the jingle-jangles. Mom's got that covered.

I just get tattoos and shave my head and perform in drag.

I will be the 'cool Aunt'.