Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Started decorating for Christmas today. First, I had to get the tree out of the garage attic. I gave Mom something to do to keep her busy, so she wouldn't worry about me on that ladder. I reminded her of the times she 'helped' Karen get boxes out of that attic by holding on to her pants leg. I managed to drag the tree parts out of the attic, and in to the house. Spent the greater part of the afternoon putting the tree together, and draping 700 lights on the branches. Mom supervised, and told me where to put the ornaments. She lamented the fact she had no light-up star or angel to put on top.

After dinner, we realized we had not yet purchased a poinsettia for church. I lit out for Food Lion to buy one. Next door to the grocery store is a Family Dollar. I ducked in there, just to see what I could see, and EUREKA! a fiber-optic angel - for $8!!! Came home, put it up, and think I've never spent a more satisfying eight.
What do you think?

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