Sunday, March 15, 2009

Madison Moment

Mom wanted fried chicken for lunch today, and the weather is really rainy and yucky. None of us felt like going out anywhere to get food. So, I called in an order to the local greasy spoon, and went out to get chicken. Once there, I had to wait for the food (it may be a greasy spoon, but the food is pretty decent). As I sat at the counter, a young girl - maybe 12 or 13 - walked up. On the counter is a tray with pennies, and the usual "need one-take" note (y'know, for those times you don't have change, and don't want a ton of coins back). She stood there for a few minutes, picked up the little tray and looked under it, fiddled with the sign, and then -- took a penny. Yep, just took a penny, put it in her pocket, and walked back to her table.

I guess she really needed a penny, and the sign said she could have one. Wonder how many times that happens? I mean, I know the economy is bad, but seriously? Anyway, I went out in Google, trying to find an image of a penny tray to spice up this posting, and came across an advertisement for a penny cam!

I especially liked how he, as he put it, acted 'all shady and shifty' as he held his hand in the stereotypical, horizontal, gangsta gun gesture.

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