Thursday, September 20, 2007

Running late

We evidently had a power outage yesterday sometime. Mom mentioned it, but I didn't think anything about it when I went to bed last night. I slept very well - especially between the hours of 5:00 and 7:00. Unfortunately, I'm supposed to up during that time.

This morning, I wake up to a world filled with daylight. Not usually the case at 5:30 in the morning. I roll over and looked at my bedside clock - 8:10!!! No! I'm supposed to be at work by 7:40! I have a homeroom! My 2nd period class starts at 8:18 and it's a 20 minute trek to school. My mid-term test is scheduled, and I have the tests with me. Not good! I grab the phone, and call school - nothing but voicemail. NO - I need to talk to a person! I run to the kitchen where my cell phone is charging, and scroll to the number for my teaching assistant. As her phone rings (no answer) I glance at the battery operated clock on the wall. 7:10 What? I close my cell phone, and look at the the display. 7:10.

OK, so I'm not as late as I originally thought. Still late, but not disastrously so. I run back to the bedroom, throw on some clothes, brush my teeth, brush my hair (luckily, I slept really hard and didn't squirrel around too much in my sleep - my hair lays down fairly neatly), nab a chicken breast out of the fridge for lunch, grab my bag (with the mid-term tests in it) and fly out the door. I'm on the road by 7:20 - pretty good, huh?

I get to work on time! I look like hell, and probably don't smell much better, but I'm on on time.

Interesting thing - I feel as if I am sleep deprived today. That morning routine is much more important than I ever thought.

Note to self: reset alarm clock as soon as I get home today, and use my cell phone as a back-up alarm from now on.

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