Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's a dogs life

Finally went to the shelter and picked up Dusty this afternoon. He had his back right leg amputated at the hip last Thursday. At the same time, he was neutered. Talk about a double (triple?) whammy.

Brought him home, and he settled right in. He bonded with mom right away, and spent part of the afternoon on the floor by her feet. He gets around really well on three legs, and seems to have no problem getting up or down the steps on the deck. I think he'll be a wonderful little dog when he gets used to us and our ways.

Right now? He's curled up on a pillow (yes, I bought him a pillow - $2.99 bed pillow from Tar-jay) behind my chair in the den. I think he likes it here...


Good2BDave said...

can't wait to meet the little guy!

Joann said...

We knew a 3-legged dog once... named Sour... who did just FINE! I wonder what he will do to cock his leg? May make things a little easier for him!

He sure is cute ... and of course the name is too!